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ICEF International Center of European Football - Boarding soccer academy in Europe

The project is the result of a close collaboration between the Yacht Club de Monaco, presided by HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, its General Secretary Bernard d’Alessandri and Philippe Ghanem who is an active member of the club. The Monaco Sport Academy helps Monegasques or residents of the Principality to reach their full athletic potential and build the next generation of athletes. Its goal remains to highlight the nation’s potential as a global sports phenomenon.


The ambitious and prestigious Monaco Sport Academy finds with ICEF its equivalent in terms of excellence and high standards. This partnership between two sports institutions enables athletes to benefit from shared expertise, skills.


MSA offers ICEF student-athletes a unique chance to experience their best-in-class approach to sport, as a result of the implementation of their respected pedagogy by their staff of experts and renowned professionals. ICEF athletes can reap the benefits of MSA’s expertise, during an immersive exchange program, organized to elevate athletes’ mental and physical conditioning. They will be immersed in a routine focused on rigor and high expectations, leading athletes to surpass themselves, as could be expected from this world reference in sailing.


ICEF is sharing its professional football expertise with the Monaco Sport Academy and its athletes. A group of MSA athletes were hosted at ICEF in order to discover the Pro Residency program and benefit from ICEF’s coaches’ expertise, and the center’s facilities. 


This unique exchange of knowledge, methodologies and pedagogy will allow each athlete to reach its full potential, by learning the values of different disciplines, sharing with other athletes, evolving in the best possible environments and being exposed through both prestigious networks.