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ICEF International Center of European Football - Boarding soccer academy in Europe

Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA

Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA is the official football academy of the Paris Saint-Germain, one of the most iconic, successful and respected European football clubs in the world. The academy follows the world-class Paris Saint-Germain training program and European methodology, recognized around the world for its proven ability to identify, prepare and develop players.

Through its affiliation with Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA, ICEF is able to build a bridge between youth talent in Europe and the United States. It also is an opportunity to learn from the biggest French club’s philosophy and training methodology and constantly stay on top of the ever-changing methodologies and coaching techniques.

For ICEF players, this means getting the best of the two continents in terms of both training and opportunities, namely, the ability to play professionally in Europe or at a high level in North America and therefore the possibility of getting scouted by a U.S. College or a U.S. pro team.

For the top Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA players, this means the opportunity to join the International Center of European Football in Europe to complete their football training, by playing at the highest French national youth level, getting exposed to pro clubs and possibly kickstarting their European careers.

This alliance with one of Europe’s most prestigious clubs’ affiliates contributes to expanding the ICEF brand while strengthening the professional opportunities for each player at the center through the consolidation of ICEF’s network.

ICEF International Center of European Football - Boarding soccer academy in Europe

ICEF USA x Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro Residency

In 2020, Paris Saint-Germain USA opened the world’s first Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro Residency program, in Florida. 

This innovative and ambitious project is built on ICEF’s recognized expertise and success in residential football programs development. 

The bridge between Europe and the U.S has never been stronger in youth football!