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European Pro Player Evaluation U13+

The best players in the world, regardless of their nationality, have one shared experience: Testing their skills in Europe.

For the first time ever, elite-level players are invited in a pro club environment in Europe, at the ICEF Europe Campus, to receive a detailed, personalized, and honest assessment from UEFA and FFF certified staff,

For one week, players will have opportunities to show their skills and talents to coaches in a professional environment. In the end, they will have a 1-on-1 meeting with the club’s Head Coach to go over their strengths, areas for improvement, and career guidance as well as potential playing opportunities in Europe.

Put yourself in the shoes of a professional player at a top European club

Thanks to the European Pro Player Evaluation, we’re offering youth players the rare opportunity to measure and compare their skills with the exact same standards applied to the world’s best. UEFA and FFF certified coaches from pro academies and clubs with experience at the highest level will observe and assess your strengths and areas of improvement with incredible detail.

Working with top level coaches in the birthplace of football is still to this day seldom accessible to American players, until now.


Showcase your talents and receive a personalized and measurable feedback report from our expert staff

On the European Pro Player Evaluation, players will undergo a complete evaluation while living on the facilities of a professional club, in immersion with the professional players and staff.

The evaluation is straightforward: it consists of measuring all the qualities that are required to succeed in football as an elite athlete.

From technical skills, tactical awareness, physical capabilities to mental strength, our coaches have the resources and knowledge to adequately assess every trait of a player, and to compare their qualities to the professional players competing in European football.

At the end of the evaluation, players receive a personalized data-driven report with charts, comments, and feedback detailing aspects of their performance over the course of 1 week. The report has multiple benefit including:

  • Proof of having completed an evaluation up to European pro standards
  • Details on what a player can focus on to become even more complete
  • A unique addition to your resume when applying to sports programs at competitive universities

Integrate the environment of a pro football team and witness first-hand the work-ethic to succeed at the highest level

Seamlessly immerse yourself into the culture of a club competing in professional championships and tournaments. With the European Pro Player Evaluation, you will discover the schedule and routines of a professional player.

Each day of the week will offer access to the facilities and training sessions granted exclusively to professional clubs and their pro academies. Take advantage of state-of-the-art performance center including:

  • Top of the line gym
  • Recovery and physiotherapy rooms
  • Spa: hydrotherapy and balneotherapy
  • Video analysis of training and in-game situations

Participating seriously in training sessions is extremely valuable, as they will allow for the Head Coach to have the necessary data points for his 1-on-1 meeting with the player at the end of the week.

Commitment and dedication to ‘invisible training’ aspects such as mental fortitude and mindset will also be assessed by the technical team and will serve immensely on the report.

Gain invaluable knowledge and the keys to succeed on your path to becoming a leading football player

After having completed all the training sessions and immersed in the routine of a pro player, the technical team will have collected the data and observations to present your personalized performance report. The report will be compared with the highest standards of competitions, and players will receive key feedback as to where their football career can take them.

Conventional performance evaluations in football place a heavy emphasis on physical condition, technique, and tactical performance. However, the advantage of the European methodology is that it incorporates these traits while also paying incredible attention to mental traits and intelligence of play.


The mental qualities of a player will be a significant portion of the performance report, since recruiters, scouts and head coaches quickly identify strong mental capabilities in their greatest players. The Head Coach will go over the mental characteristics and hurdles identified by the expert sports psychologist on site to increase your chances of becoming an exemplary leader on the football field.


Key themes of the performance report

The individual performance report is composed of three key sections that will have specific data driven grades on a numerical scale. Each section will have concluding comments made by a professional staff member including the Head Coach, the physical trainer, and the sports psychologist.

The Three Sections:

  • Technical: A player’s comfort with the ball and in-game situations such as having control in possession, positioning, defending, and attacking will be graded on scales used for pro players in Europe.
  • Athletic: A player’s physical characteristics and abilities will be evaluated by a professional trainer and graded on scales used for pro players in Europe. Examples include balance, speed, endurance, and overall strength.
  • Mental: A player’s mental attributes will be evaluated by a sports psychologist and quantified on a scale of 1-10. Discipline, work rate, attention to following assignments, respect for peers and coaches, sociability, leadership, creativity, and life hygiene are some of the components in the report. Scoring high in this category is incredibly important and sustained mental strength will lead to accessing greater opportunities in European football.
It’s important to note that all training sessions are recorded on video and will be instrumental in supporting the comments made in each section by the staff. Players will be able to understand and analyze their own strengths and areas of improvements and have visual evidence to support the arguments. The Performance report is yours to keep and can be highly persuasive once presented to sports programs when applying to universities.




Welcome to the center

  • Tour of the facilities
  • Staff presentation and introduction
  • Assessment introduction (test presentation and expectations)


  • Training: Technical, coordination, and accuracy training  
  • Test: First Technical Assessment (Juggling, passing, situational drills)


  • Tests  
    • Technical tests (Ball control, Defensive and Offensive situations)
    • Physical tests (Measuring body composition, discovering athletic build)
  • Training
    • Uneven sided games (4 vs 2) replicating real game scenarios
    • 7vs7 games to allow for more touches of the ball and increasing the pace of the game
  • Criteria to be assessed:
    • Technical (On the ball for offense, positioning, and reactions for defense, ability to switch and transition from offense to defense)
    • Athletic: Speed, mobility, and endurance
    • Mental: Creativity, Emotional IQ, In game intelligence



  • Training Technical warm up with mini games followed by an 11vs11 scrimmage match
  • Criteria assessed: First touch, professional behavior, defensive work rate, transitioning from defense to offense


  • Analysis of tape from all training sessions during the week
  • One-on-one interview with the staff on career guidance


  • Exercises in small spaces to practice reactions, speed of execution and replicate high pressure situations
  • Criteria assessed: Speed of execution, composure, finishing
  • Final third exercises including assists and finishing
  • Performance report handout and one-on-one interview with the staff for a final review and orientation meet



From Monday, June 20th to Friday June 24th, 2022

5 days – 4 nights : 2,500 EUR

High performance training
4 meals a day (breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner)
Boarding in double bedrooms with A/C
Individual testing and reports
Nike uniform kit (1 jersey, 1 pair of shorts, 1 pair of socks) and daily soccer gear cleaning
Personal counseling, final interview complete with career orientation


From Monday, June 20th to Friday June 24th, 2022

5 days – 4 nights : 1,500 EUR

High performance training
2 meals a day (lunch and snack)
Nike uniform kit (1 jersey, 1 pair of shorts, 1 pair of socks)
Individual testing and reports
Personal counseling, final interview complete with career orientation
Available all year long: Without Boarding


European Pro Player Evaluation participants receive a professional screening and assessment to be selected for the 10-month Pro Residency Academy.